Offcial sponsors & partners

This school became possible only thanks to our partners and sponsors, for which we are immensely grateful to them.

  • Helicon


    Our long-time sponsor

    Helicon company offers a wide range of equipment, consumables and reagents from the world's leading brands and its own production and supports its customers at every stage of cooperation.

  • Dia-m


    Our new sponsor

    Dia-m company was founded in 1988 and offers the solutions for scientists in many fields from chemical synthesis to molecular biology and agricultural biotechnology.

  • Biolabmix


    Our new sponsor from Siberia

    Biolabmix company develops and produces ready-made solutions for scientific research in the field of molecular biology, genetic engineering, biochemistry and fundamental medicine.

  • CreaFab


    Our new NMR sponsor

    Exclusive distributor of Chinese manufacturer of NMR spectrometers - Q.One Instruments Ltd. in Russia and CIS countries.

  • RAS


    Our source of brains

    The Russian Academy of Sciences is responsible for one of the most important components of modern society - brains! It is under her auspices, the most intelligent, creative and motivated specialists in the field of science and education are born in Russia.



    Our Alma mater

    Today IBCh RAS is the main center of physical-chemical biology and biotechnology in Russia. It’s included in the Department of biological sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences and performs activities connected with biochemical research of living matter.

  • Lomonosov MSU

    Lomonosov MSU

    Our partner

    The Faculty of Biology is a part of Lomonosov Moscow State University. We offer Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate (PhD), Doctorate educational programs, and several programs of additional education. We keep open the University doors to anyone who strives for new discoveries, creativity, and self-improvement.